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What Is Marketing Research in 2020? (Examples & Full Guide) | SEOtools.TV

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Marketing research leads you in the right direction.

99,7% of all online projects fail.

They use generic (non-working) methods.

Do you want to succeed?

Then read the whole article.

SEO Tutorial: Learn Fast in 2021

SEO Tutorial: Learn Fast in 2021
We started to learn SEO from scratch. There is no special school or college that provides these skills. You don't need them. Even better news is that you also don't need to pay for getting this education. The best thing what you can do is to choose one direction: - Off page SEO: personalized outreach, guest posting, broken link building, etc. - On page SEO: content creation, technical SEO, UX, etc. The next step is to choose the way of learning: - Online courses - Blog posts - Video tutorials - Audio podcasts. How to find them? Search on Google or YouTube: free SEO online courses, top marketing blogs, step-by-step guides, ultimate tutorials. Spend a few hours a day with deep learning the main direction. After learning something new, it's better to act because acting only shows what works for you. Agree? Comment below.

What Is Copywriting: Definition & 3 Tips of Writing (Tutorial 2021) | SEOtools.TV

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I hated copywriting.

In school, university, my first jobs.

Today I love copywriting.

What’s happened?

Let me share my story.

Simple SEO Tips & Tricks 2021 (Secrets To Rank #1 on Google)

Simple SEO Tips & Tricks 2021 (Secrets To Rank #1 on Google)
Ranking on Google is hard if you use a generic strategy. Skip it and consider the following:
  1. Don’t overwhelm - outsmart. Analyze your competitors to search for their weaknesses.
  1. Create the right strategy that considers a lack of quality content and outdated information.
  1. Focus on priorities.
  1. Create content for a human first and only then optimize for search engines.
  1. Simplicity is key.
  1. Consider users’ intent.
  1. Never hire copywriters - cooperate with experts who can create something new and unique.
  1. Draw a unique design.
  1. Optimize with the parameter E-A-T.
  1. Use White Hat SEO
  1. Promote one social media account
  1. Analyze and fix.

5 Tips How to Create a Social Media Portfolio 2021 (Full Guide) | SEOtools.TV

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A strong social media presence is important.

There are two main reasons:

- 70% of customers don’t buy from brands if they don’t engage with them on social media.
- Over three billion people are on social media.

In this article, I’ll share practical advice on how to build a portfolio on social media.

Syndication Content To Video, Audio, Text Formats (Episode #20)

Syndication Content To Video, Audio, Text Formats (Episode #20)
It’s hard to create a lot of content. You don’t need to do it. Create a piece of content and convert to various formats. I often convert live streams to audio podcasts. Many content creators syndicate videos to a blog post. You can divide a long video for YouTube to a few short versions to LinkedIn, Twitter or TikTok. Consider the audience on different platforms and give them what they want to get.

Why You Don’t Need SEO in 2020 (Do It Instead) | SEOtools.TV

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I’m an SEO expert with 8 years of experience.

It sounds weird that an SEO specialist doesn’t recommend SEO.

You might think that my heading is misleading? - It’s not.

In this article, I’ll show you new promotional methods that I use myself.

Which Length Content You Should Create (Episode #19)

Which Length Content You Should Create (Episode #19)
How long content should be? Let’s dive in. The content length depends on users’ intent. If they need quick and simple answers then create short content. If people wanna get a lot of answers and details then create long content. The best way is to learn which length of content in the top-10. Also learn your audience. Agree? Comment below.

6 Steps to Dominate on Social Media for Beginners (Only Free & Organically) | SEOtools.TV


I registered my social media accounts too late.

I couldn't get even ten followers on one social media platform a few months.

Paid ads didn't help me.

After a lot of learning and testing, I found six ways to get thousands of followers a month.

The best part is coming.

How To Write Headlines That Bring Clicks (Episode #18)

How To Write Headlines That Bring Clicks (Episode #18)
80% of people don’t click on boring headlines. Let me share my story. Once I got a client who gave me a contract that brought 40% of my revenue for over two years. My agency usually serves 30-60 clients a month. Let's consider the average data - 45 clients monthly. So, this client paid as 18 others. It's also less administrative job and paying for acquiring new clients. What have I done to convince him to share this contract? I found a way to increase his traffic two times for a month by rewriting his titles and description. Luckily, he had this traffic before me. I only helped with getting a lot more. After this cooperation, I pay a lot more attention to writing headlines, titles, descriptions, the first sentences of posts on social media. Headlines should provoke CURISIOTY! 80% of users ignore boring headlines that don't give a strong reason to continue with such content. The main reason is that there is a lot more content that they need. Even if you create a masterpiece people decide to consume your content by reading headlines. I often see when webmasters spend a few seconds writing headlines. NO WAY. It takes a lot more time. Consider the following elements when you craft your headlines or the first sentence of social media posts.
  1. Use numbers, brackets, emojis, special symbols because of occupying more attention.
  1. Include testimonials and endorsement.
  1. Highlight your awards or media mentions.
  1. Create something new and never copy others.
  1. Share yours in the comments.
Agree? Comment below. - use a 100% Free tool to estimate headlines - learn more about writing headlines

7 Simple SEO Tips for Beginners (SEO Is Not What You Think) | SEOtools.TV


In my SEO agency, I often interview new candidates for a job.

What I’ve noticed is that beginners often have better potential to start providing more effective SEO than experienced specialists.

Why is this?

Let me explain.

How To Learn Digital Marketing (Episode #17)

How To Learn Digital Marketing (Episode #17)
Digital marketing is so big to know everything. It’s better to choose one-two directions: 1. SEO: 1.1. On page: keyword research, creating content, technical optimization 1.2. Off page: link building, outreach. 2. PPC (Pay per click): 2.1. Facebook paid ads 2.2. Google paid ads 3. SMM (Social media marketing) 3.1. YouTube 3.2. Facebook 3.3. LinkedIn. 3.4. Pinterest 3.5. Instagram. When you know exactly your direction then search for courses, blog posts, books. Learn every day and act. Acting provides the best insights ever. Agree? Comment below.

How to Create a Twitter Account: Step-by-Step Tutorial | SEOtools.TV


Twitter is an extremely important part of social media.

Your influence is estimated on the number of followers you have.

Only a small percentage of Twitter users have millions of followers - the rest of us have a few hundred or less.

How to create a Twitter account that compels people to follow you - read on.

The Best Keyword Research Tools (Episode #16)

The Best Keyword Research Tools (Episode #16)
There are a bunch of free, freemium, and paid tools. All of them have advantages and disadvantages. Free tools: - Google keyword planner - Google Trends - Search Insights: Google, YouTube, Bing, Reddit, etc Freemium: - Ubersuggest - Answer the public - Lsigraph Paid tools: - Ahrefs - Semrush - Moz - Majestic Test and choose something that you like more.

4 Types of Consumer Products: Definition & Marketing | SEOtools.TV


Consumer products are divided into 4 types:

- Convenience;
- Shopping;
- Specialty;
- Unsought.

Each type of consumer product has its own product features.

As a result, customers differ in the way they buy various products.

How To Create a Content Strategy (Episode #15)

How To Create a Content Strategy (Episode #15)
Is there any chance to rank a newly-registered website with high-volume keywords? It’s possible but far away from the fast. It’s the same with sport. Can you outbox Tyson Fury or Antony Joshua after training a few months? They probably kill me from one hook. The rest of the top professionals can hurt as well. The big brands occupy the top-10 results. 53% of all traffic comes from SEO. So, what you should do and how to compete with them? Consider the following:
  1. Create content for a human.
  2. Find keywords that have a lack of quality content or outdated information.
  3. Search for new keywords or trends.
  4. Consider users’ intent.
Agree? Comment below.

How Does Facebook Make Money? (Infographic) | SEOtools.TV


Facebook is gigantic.

It’s the third most visited site in the world.

It boasts 2.4 billion users.

In this article, I’ll tell you EXACTLY how Facebook makes its money.

How to Manage Social Media for E-commerce? | Podcast #14

How to Manage Social Media for E-commerce? | Podcast #14

PR vs Marketing: What’s the Difference (Infographic) | SEOtools.TV


Everybody knows what marketing means.

Even my 8-year-old son knows what marketing means.

However, the definition of PR (Public Relations) confuses people, even professional marketers.

After reading this article, you will know the EXACT difference between PR & marketing.

6 Sales Methods (Sell A Lot Now) | Podcast #13

6 Sales Methods (Sell A Lot Now) | Podcast #13
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