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What Is Marketing Research in 2020? (Examples & Full Guide) | SEOtools.TV

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Marketing research leads you in the right direction.

99,7% of all online projects fail.

They use generic (non-working) methods.

Do you want to succeed?

Then read the whole article.

What Is Copywriting: Definition & 3 Tips of Writing (Tutorial 2021) | SEOtools.TV

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I hated copywriting.

In school, university, my first jobs.

Today I love copywriting.

What’s happened?

Let me share my story.

White Hat SEO & Outreach with Rand Fishkin | Podcast #11

White Hat SEO & Outreach with Rand Fishkin | Podcast #11
Link building is tough, especially outreach. Recipients are busy people. They usually get over a hundred emails a day. How to achieve their attention? Rand Fishkin shares his tips on how to get high results. Rand Fishkin is a well-known SEO, co-founder of Moz, founder of SparkToro. He is the author of Lost and Founder: A Painfully Honest Field Guide to the Startup World (2018) Rand is a frequent keynote speaker on marketing and entrepreneurship topics around the world.

5 Tips How to Create a Social Media Portfolio 2021 (Full Guide) | SEOtools.TV

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A strong social media presence is important.

There are two main reasons:

- 70% of customers don’t buy from brands if they don’t engage with them on social media.
- Over three billion people are on social media.

In this article, I’ll share practical advice on how to build a portfolio on social media.

Website Analysis | Podcast #10

Website Analysis | Podcast #10
How to provide SEO and get results fast in an overwhelming digital world. There are 1,8 billion websites that wanna get traffic. You don’t need to use generic methods. Each case is different. Lily Ray shares her insights on how to promote websites on our live stream. She is nominated best female search marketer of the year in 2017 by Search Engine Land. Lily is a director of SEO at Path Interactive.

Why You Don’t Need SEO in 2020 (Do It Instead) | SEOtools.TV

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I’m an SEO expert with 8 years of experience.

It sounds weird that an SEO specialist doesn’t recommend SEO.

You might think that my heading is misleading? - It’s not.

In this article, I’ll show you new promotional methods that I use myself.

How To Get Organic Reach in 2021

LinkedIn for Business 2021: How to Sell Now | Podcast #9

LinkedIn for Business 2021: How to Sell Now | Podcast #9
LinkedIn is a great place to sell your products because of +690 million users. For example, Facebook has +2,8 billion but it’s not the same audience with LinkedIn for businesses. The minimum age registration on LInkedIn is 16 years. More important is that three million users only post content on LinkedIn. The rest of LinkedIn users still post on Facebook or Instagram. That's why the engagement rate is much higher on LinkedIn. The LinkedIn audience is well-educated and more professional. There is almost no hate, racism, ageism, sexism, etc. The connection system allows you to grow your network much faster than on other social media. Chuck Hester shares his insights on how to sell on LinkedIn and build brand awareness. He brings an interactive experience to audiences worldwide, by giving them actionable steps they can use as soon as they get back to the office.

6 Steps to Dominate on Social Media for Beginners (Only Free & Organically) | SEOtools.TV


I registered my social media accounts too late.

I couldn't get even ten followers on one social media platform a few months.

Paid ads didn't help me.

After a lot of learning and testing, I found six ways to get thousands of followers a month.

The best part is coming.

How to Get 2,200,000 followers on TikTok | Podcast #8

How to Get 2,200,000 followers on TikTok | Podcast #8
Is TikTok for kids? No way… Stop cheating yourself. Facebook was created for students and today the main audience is under 25 covering our parents, grandmothers and grandfathers. TikTok is growing faster than any other social media. The audience is over 1.2 billion people including me, my wife, my son. Creating brand awareness on TikTok is must-have for any brand. Maayan Gordon shares her insights on how she achieved over 2.2 million followers on TikTok. Her life has been an incredible journey from college dropout to accomplished entrepreneur. She went from HOMELESS to homeowner, business Owner and TikTok famous influencer.

7 Simple SEO Tips for Beginners (SEO Is Not What You Think) | SEOtools.TV


In my SEO agency, I often interview new candidates for a job.

What I’ve noticed is that beginners often have better potential to start providing more effective SEO than experienced specialists.

Why is this?

Let me explain.

How To Get Numerous Views on YouTube 2021 | Podcast #7

How To Get Numerous Views on YouTube 2021 | Podcast #7
Itamar Blauer will share his insights and secrets on how to grow on YouTube. He is an SEO expert based in London. He has a proven track-record of increasing rankings with SEO that is UX focused.

How to Create a Twitter Account: Step-by-Step Tutorial | SEOtools.TV


Twitter is an extremely important part of social media.

Your influence is estimated on the number of followers you have.

Only a small percentage of Twitter users have millions of followers - the rest of us have a few hundred or less.

How to create a Twitter account that compels people to follow you - read on.

How To Grow Your Business on Youtube in 2021 | Podcast #6

How To Grow Your Business on Youtube in 2021 | Podcast #6
YouTube provides a lot of possibilities to grow your business. There are 2 billion users and only 31 million YouTube channels. Competition is not even close to other platforms: Google and Facebook. All results depend on the right strategy. David Walsh unhides his secrets that help him to grow his YouTube channel to over 200K subscribers. He is YouTube strategist & expert - AKA Mr YouTube. David is a regular YouTube speaker & trainer helping businesses to grow their businesses. His channel is one of the top YouTube Channels for all things YouTube. With over 210 videos showing you how to set up, customise and promote your YouTube Channel, it has everything you need to create a successful YouTube Channel. David is a highly regarded expert and Influencer on YouTube and speaks all over the world, helping businesses improve sales with the power of YouTube.

4 Types of Consumer Products: Definition & Marketing | SEOtools.TV


Consumer products are divided into 4 types:

- Convenience;
- Shopping;
- Specialty;
- Unsought.

Each type of consumer product has its own product features.

As a result, customers differ in the way they buy various products.

SEO Secrets: Rank Higher & Faster 2021

How to Build Your SEO Agency | Podcast #5

How to Build Your SEO Agency | Podcast #5
The SEO industry is growing from 65 billion dollars in 2016 to 79 billion in 2019. Achieving Google ranking demands special skills and experience. That’s why companies wanna cooperate with professionals who lead them in the right direction. Ruan M. Marinho will share his insights and secrets on how to build an SEO agency from scratch.

How Does Facebook Make Money? (Infographic) | SEOtools.TV


Facebook is gigantic.

It’s the third most visited site in the world.

It boasts 2.4 billion users.

In this article, I’ll tell you EXACTLY how Facebook makes its money.

How to Optimize Your Brand for SERP | Podcast #4

How to Optimize Your Brand for SERP | Podcast #4
Most projects fail because they are chasing high-volume keywords. Google ranks websites higher that have strong brand recognition. Why? Because users wanna see them. It’s the main reason why you see Wikipedia, Amazon, Pinterest in the top-10. Having better content and more links don’t guarantee ranking your content. On our webinar, Jason Barnard will share his insights and secrets that everyone should provide on their projects. Jason Barnard is the Brand SERP Guy at Brand SERPs are the window into your digital ecosystem Jason Barnard is an author, speaker and consultant on all things digital marketing. His specialist subject is Brand SERPs (what appears when someone googles your name). He also hosts a marketing podcast, where the smartest people in marketing talk to Jason about subjects they know inside out. The conversations are always interesting, always intelligent and always fun! 160 episodes and counting - Guests include John Mueller, Rand Fishkin, Danny Goodwin, Barry Schwartz, Jono Alderson, Bill Slawski, Aleyda Solis, Joost de Valk... Over 2 decades of experience in digital marketing: he started promoting his first website in the year Google was incorporated and built it up to become one of the top 10,000 most visited sites in the world (60 million visits in 2007).

PR vs Marketing: What’s the Difference (Infographic) | SEOtools.TV


Everybody knows what marketing means.

Even my 8-year-old son knows what marketing means.

However, the definition of PR (Public Relations) confuses people, even professional marketers.

After reading this article, you will know the EXACT difference between PR & marketing.

White Hat SEO & Outreach with Rand Fishkin

How to Build Your Personal Brand | Podcast #3

How to Build Your Personal Brand | Podcast #3
Building strong brand recognition is essential for any business. How to create your brand awareness with simple methods? Professor Jonathan A.J. Wilson will share a lot of valuable tips in our webinar. He has spent over 20 years in industry and academia as a practitioner with two doctorates - specialising in what he calls the ABCDs of Business and Culture: Advertising, Branding, Communications, and Digital. He aims to champion the art of Science and the science of Art, having graduated from 4 different faculties - in Science, Business, Humanities, and Art & Design. Professor Wilson started his career in the late ‘90s, working in media owner and client-side advertising management roles in London – ranging from sales, sponsorship, planning and buying, to events and PR. In 2005 he moved into marketing consultancy, professional training and academia. He has published over 200 pieces of work, spoken at over 100 conferences across the globe and featured in LinkedIn’s annual Top Voices awards list for 3 consecutive years. Previously Professor Wilson was an elite athlete and worked as professional musician and songwriter - notably playing Glastonbury music festival, and writing music and providing voices for the Grand Theft Auto video game.
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